The Gluten Free Store is a family based business established primarily to provide Coeliac safe baking product to manufacturers and retailers of gluten free food. It is also available to individuals who wish to purchase ingredients in bulk and at discount prices. We have searched the globe to source the best ingredients at the best prices. We believe we have the largest range of certified Coeliac safe flour and starches in New Zealand.

I have had a life long interest in exercise and diet and the part these factors play in our overall health. When my wife was diagnosed as a Coeliac in 2009 I began to investigate the issues surrounding gluten and how gluten sensitivity can lead to Coeliacs disease. I also discovered that the disease was just one of many health problems that stem from the body's sensitivity to gluten.

To a large extent 'we are what we eat'. Food is the fuel on which our bodies and minds function - the better the fuel we feed it, the better our bodies will respond, both physically and psychologically to the stresses of modern day living. There are many problems associated with gluten intolerance such as asthma, fibromyalgia, thyroid disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and, of course Coeliacs disease, as well as the less dramatic but more widespread and chronic problems of lethargy and indigestion. The food we eat plays a major part in our overall well-being.

The Gluten Free Store hopes to play its part in creating a better, healthier environment, not only for Coeliacs and those with an obvious gluten intolerance, but for everyone.

Remember, life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

Keep your dreams, live your life, be healthy, be good.
Kind Regards,
Liz & Mike
Quality Assurance - All our products are tested to make sure they are safe for coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivity.




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