Since being diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis in 2009 I understand how overwhelming and all consuming  “going Gluten Free”  can be.  I also know how expensive it can be to set up and follow a gluten free diet, but also wanting to not feel like I couldn’t enjoy food.  With nearly 24 years of parenting under my belt, I also knew I wanted to make some very positive changes, not only to the way I looked at food, but also to educate my family about gluten.  It seemed so hard in those early days with my fear of cross contamination, and trying to stress the importance of this new way of eating on my family. They were so supportive and vigilant about keeping me safe, so it was a relatively short space of time when “we really got into the swing” of being gluten free.

Mike and I work best as a team, and something we stress on our children too.  I have also found the gluten free community to be an extension of that team. I am so grateful for all the support in the early days from people I didn’t even know who were willing to share their knowledge and time.

At the Gluten Free Store Ltd, I like to think that we can be part of that wider team, and therefore we are always looking at ways to help others whether it be by adding some of our favourite recipes or finding gluten free ways to enjoy those old favourites, whilst sourcing and supplying affordable baking goods that are safe for Coeliacs, and anyone else wanting to follow a gluten free diet.  You can find us on facebook, where we welcome questions or ideas, and love to get your feedback.




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