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My son, a customer of yours has persuaded me to buy from you.  I must say its the best tasting gluten free bread I have ever tasted.!!

"Hi GFS, my stash arrived today and I've made the chocolate muffins already with great success. Taste yummy and kids love em. Another bonus, super easy to make. Bread rising as we speak. Look forward to tasting it later tonight."

Hi there, the vanilla cake is Devine, very light and can just imagine jam and cream! Not going there though. Sam and Robert will devour in no time. Thx Liz and hubby.

Tried your vanilla cake mix last night and added berries, took it to work (childcare centre) today for a shared lunch and nothing came home, was really good, better than i thought. Will have to order more.

I have shared. Just made your vanilla muffins. Yummy!!!!

The best place by far to stock my pantry. I'm new to all this since January but you guys have made it way more affordable.

I got a few mixes at your stall last weekend, the GF show. Just tried the Amaranth bread mix last night with resounding success. It tastes great and has great texture. I will be able to use it for sandwiches. Can't wait to try the other mixes and I will definitely be buying more and spreading the word.

Pizza using Gluten Free Store Ltd Scone and Pizza Base Mix! I used water instead of milk. Fed to non-gluten free eaters and they loved it! Didn't think there was any difference if not better!!!!

Yum - I just made your ginger loaf (with soy milk and egg replacer) and wow wow wow! so easy to make and delicious!

Loved the bread mix you gave me yesterday! I baked a beautiful crusty loaf this morning. Thanks for all your help:)

Kimberley M
My daughter is 13 and has lived with severe food allergies all her life (milk, eggs, tree nuts, and kiwifruit). Just last year we found out she has Coeliac disease - so her diet was restricted further. It was suggested that I use your plain white bread mix. She was so excited that it was "like normal bread" and for the first time in 8 months she could wrap a piece of bread around a sausage. Thanks!!!

Sue H
You have changed things for me and my life can only get easier. While home recovering from surgery I ordered a bunch of your wonderful products. This morning I made the pancakes for the family, served with fresh strawberries and wow they were amazing. Such light and fluffy pancakes. Been gluten free for a while now but very hard to try new products when on a limited budget. Hate trying new products just in case we don't like them but will have no problems making a repeat order. Thanks again for your wonderful products, can't wait to try some more.




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